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How About Lunch With Luke?

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Our program is really excited to welcome the Luke into our care. Luke is an 18 year old quarter horse. He’s best friends with Micah and a lover of long trail rides. Luke is laid back and extremely sweet, if it where up to him, we’d scratch his ears, withers and belly at least two hours per day. His journey with us is just beginning but he’d love a sponsor. Contact us to let us know if you’d like to volunteer time or funds to help his program integration.

A Magical Meeting with Micah

Written by LetsRideTherapy. Posted in Horse Stories

Micah, also known as Luke’s best friend, is an amazing quarter horse. With is coloring, he often blends into our scenic mountain background and “disappears.” One may want to call him Houdini if Kolohe hadn’t already taken that name. Micah is a western kinda guy, loving trails and light arena work with adults with disabilities. His laid back nature shouldn’t fool you though, once in a performance arena, he’ll definitely show his viewer what he’s got. Micah is available for sponsorship. Please contact us to find out how you can help our horses with money costs associated with the great work they do in our programs.


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